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Hello! Thanks for stopping by.
I am 20 years old and have a passion for learning.
I enjoy painting, taking pictures, pyrography, drawing digitally and traditionally, cosplaying, baking, reading, playing video games, watching movies/tv, and spending time with my family!

If there is anything more you want to know about me, feel free to ask!

Also, I take commissions! :)

I post a lot more on my Facebook page and have some things for sale on my Redbubble as well.…


Colouringbook commission by jessieiii
Colouringbook commission
Had a lot of fun with this. Can't wait till I'm married (this october) so I can do something similar with our wedding photos. 
I don't post as much on here as I do on my Facebook Page .  I find that it's much easier to be a part of a community that appreciate what you do and easier to spread the word of your art. I've only had the page for a few months and am already at 100 likes, which is more than I can say for here so I'd definitely appreciate it if you could check it out! 
Wednesday Addams by jessieiii
Wednesday Addams
Oh how I love[d] Wednesday Addams from the movies/shows when I was younger. 
Could really relate with the darker/weirder side of things since it's not often you see a lot of young females portrayed that way. 

Had so much fun working on this one. 

It can be found in my shop and looks really cool on the different products (especially the hardcover journal on redbubble in my opinion) or on Teepublic it's on sale for only $14 for a tshirt for the next 3ish days.

 Facebook Page Redbubble Shop Teepublic Shop
Charming Family by jessieiii
Charming Family
Had a lot of fun with these ones! 
Started out as just a cute little sketch in my notepad but turned out pretty well when I did them digitally. 

You can find them in my shops!

Facebook Page Redbubble Shop Teepublic Shop
Link Wanted Poster by jessieiii
Link Wanted Poster
Thought I'd have some fun with this t-shirt design. Not the most original of ideas I'm sure but I really enjoyed creating this one. 

If you'd be interested in owning this as a shirt, phone case, or whatever...
Check out my shop!

Teepublic is having a sitewide sale right now so it's only $14 for a tshirt!

Facebook Page Redbubble Shop Teepublic Shop
Art Vs. Artist Meme by jessieiii
Art Vs. Artist Meme
Wanted to join in on the bandwagon!

The idea behind this art meme is that artist's have a tendency to put pieces of themselves into their work and to see if there are any physical similarities between the artist and the art. 

I would really appreciate the support!

Facebook Page Redbubble Shop Teepublic Shop
Midna by jessieiii
Last digital drawing I can do for a while since I've apparently managed to lose my tablet pen. 
I use an Intuos Pro (Med.) and the replacement for it costs, at the very least $100 (What I could find online. I tried the store I got my tablet from and they said they'd get me one for $130) which is money I just don't have at the moment. 
And besides, the only place it could be is in the house so I plan on completely turning the place over to find it before I even consider getting a new one. 
(I honestly think my cat took the pen out of the box. Sounds silly but only logical explanation. Her name is Raine and she's a lil' thief) 

Update: Just after posting this, I found it in a crack in the floor. Cat must have been playing with it and it got stuck. 

I created a Facebook like page a while ago and would really appreciate the support on there! I post a lot more on there and can post speedpaints and such as well. It's also a much better way to get in contact with me. 
Facebook Page Redbubble Shop Teepublic Shop
Chubby Owl by jessieiii
Chubby Owl
At first this one was my favourite and it still kind of is but Popplio is definitely growing on me. 

Really excited for these games! 
They look great so far. 

Is it Rowlet or Rowlett? 
I've been finding it spelled differently everywhere I look. 

Facebook Page Redbubble Shop Teepublic Shop
Lucky Litten by jessieiii
Lucky Litten
I always get really anxious when it comes to uploading a drawing I have set in my shop for probably obvious reasons but it's something I've got to get over. 

Honestly, so far I'm a big fan of the owl and my partner is a fan of the seal but I wanted to draw Litten as a part of my Lucky Cat series of drawings (mostly Pokemon at the moment). 

Really excited for the new games!

Facebook Page Redbubble Shop Teepublic Shop

(If you'd be interested in a Lucky Litten shirt, it's 30% off on Teepublic for the next 2 days)
My heart goes out to all those affected by the fires in Fort McMurray. Fort McMurray is where my sister and a lot of other family live. They made it out safe, but it was one heck of a journey. As my sister was trying to escape, fire started falling from the sky on to her vehicle and a gas station exploded right behind them, so they had to go off road into a ditch to try and dodge to make it to safety. Can't imagine what other physical and emotional things these people are going through. 
Live, Laugh, Love by jessieiii
Live, Laugh, Love
Last month or so my sister was going to commission me to decorate an advice box for my cousin's wedding. 
But something went down and she wont need it anymore? 

I had already gotten the box and had no clue what to do with it but earlier today, I decided to just try and decorate it and hopefully sell it by the weekend (though I suppose that depends on how long the polyurethane smell takes to die down). 

Took two hours with my pyrography (wood burning) pen. 
The box is 3 inches high and about 9 inches wide. 
Raven by jessieiii
One of my favourite artists Gabriel Picolo , has been doing some Teen Titans fan art recently and it just reminded me of how much I've loved the shows (I even love Teen Titans Go and watch it all the time with my son) and gave me the motivation to try and do a portrait of Raven. 

So here it is. 

I tried a few different techniques when drawing it and I'm quite proud with the results. 

Hope you like it!
Facebook Page Redbubble Shop Teepublic Shop

I also do commissions if you're interested!

Stars by jessieiii
A few years ago (not actually sure when), I sketched up this picture of myself, and recently decided to give it a bit of colour. 
Just for fun really.

So here it is! 

My hair isn't actually blue, it's red and orange (pretty faded and with really dark roots, since I got it done last October) but otherwise it's pretty good. 
Blue on blue is how I want my hair next, but I'm not getting it done again until a couple days before my wedding this October. 
Chun-Li by jessieiii
My attempt at Chun-Li from the Streetfighter franchise. 

Didn't exactly turn out how I wanted but still good fun and good practice. 

I did a speedpaint for it, you can find it on my Facebook Page

Also if you like geeky fandom things, check out my 
Redbubble Shop and Teepublic Shop

Since my uploads on Teepublic are new, for the next little while, they'll be "$14" instead of $20 for tshirts!

Also, I do commissions like this one for $10.00 or just a sketch for $6. 
Check out my commission information here:
Commission Sheet by jessieiii
Commission Sheet
My commission prices. 

Check out my gallery for my examples! 

If you are interested in something a little different from me like couple art (not my realism styled portraits) that is more like my portraits/full body, or a half body drawing, we can work something out! 

Just comment or shoot me a message! ^_^

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I live in Canada and we've been having troubles with the government for 5 years!

My son is 5 now and we have yet to receive a single baby bonus (Canada Child Tax Benefit) since he was born. 
Now, there are a few things that interfered with it at the start.. 
When he was born, the people that filled out his birth certificate (nurses) spelled his last name wrong so it took us years to get that fixed up and get a proper birth certificate. 

Also, when he was born I was only 14 (15 two weeks after) and had severe complications with the pregnancy and my health, and so my fiance's (Getting married this October) mom helped us work something out that would give us a chance to figure out how to become proper parents at a gentle pace, that also allowed me to recover from my health problems. 

She basically had him for a year and a half in her custody (though we were with him multiple times a week, weekends, full weeks, and even months at a time by ourselves), but since she had him, she was the one to apply for baby bonus at the start. 

But since there was a big mess with his birth certificate, it didn't work out. 

Since we've had him, my fiance has applied for baby bonus 3 times. 

He applied because again I was very young, I didn't have a bank account, and on top of that I suffer from schizophrenia (psychosis), OCD, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, and depression. 
And for so many reasons, it just made sense for him to be in charge of everything. 

Every time they have refused to give it to us. 
Stating that we didn't have any proof that he lives with us, that we have no proof of his existence (Even with a birth certificate), and that a man can not apply for baby bonus if the mom is in the picture. 

Mind you, two of those times we have included a note from his pediatrician, notes from his daycare, his preschool, and us stating the entire situation of his living situations as proof of his existence and where he lives.

And they have still denied us saying it wasn't good enough and that it doesn't prove his existence. 

We went to a local member of parliament for help (something we were told to do) and he basically just said, "There is no way they'll give it to the father, try again".

Now, I am 20 and my health is in check... I'm on very good medications, and in a psychosis intervention program with multiple therapies (Occupational, regular, and cognitive behavioural therapy) and have nurses that come to my house to check on me on a weekly basis. 
My fiance and I have a joint bank account. 

Now we are about to apply again, in my name. 
With his birth certificate, his SIN, a letter from his pediatrician, a letter from his old daycare, a letter from us(his parents and his grandma), a letter from his preschool, and a letter from his elementary school. 

All in hopes that we'll finally get baby bonus rolling. 

And on top of that, we are entitled to the money owed over the last 5 years (which is about 26 000) so who knows what kind of battle that will be. 

The government is impossible to work with sometimes. 
It's incredibly frustrating especially when we're a very low income family (My fiance and I are on disability) and the only money I make besides that is from my art. 
Perfect Pair by jessieiii
Perfect Pair
Got to sit down and do some watercolour painting earlier. 
Haven't painted in weeks because I got myself a bit discouraged due to the unoriginality of Yin Yang koi (I thought of it and sketched it up, but then looked online and seen soo many other ones people have done). 
But today I got myself to try and make it a little more my own and just have fun with it! Very happy with how it turned out.

And I realized one fish is bigger than the other but that's better for fish cuddles! :) 

Check me out on.....
Facebook Page Redbubble Shop Teepublic Shop

For the next 7 hours Teepublic is having a tshirt sale (14$ instead of 20). Just throwing that out there since I just created my Teepublic account. 
Have yet to finish uploading all my designs on it but am working on it!
Not exactly sure where to put this so hopefully it's okay here. 

Of course there is DeviantArt but on top of that, there are hundreds of other places online and in person that one could share or sell their art...

So where do you show off or sell your art? (Feel free to include links so other people can check it out if they want)

For me right now, I have a twitter and a Tumblr that I don't really use.  
And I have an account on Fiverr for commissions but have had no luck so far. 

For me, my number one place that I like to post is on my Facebook Page !
It's so easy and simple to post and get feedback. 
The only problem is that starting out on there is incredible hard because of reach. 
I've had it for a month or two now and am almost at 50 likes. Almost all of those likes have been family. 
I used to have a page before when my art wasn't even a little good and all because of one famous Facebooker, I had 700 likes in no time. 

So it can be pretty frustrating. 
Especially when I'm getting married in October and need to try and earn some money to help cover the costs (art is my only job). 

When it comes to making some money off of my art, I have a Redbubble Account , which is great for putting out products to sell without having to actually create them and ship them yourself. 
You don't earn a lot from it though. 

I'm very curious as to what other places people sell and show their art at. 
I've heard of people using Instagram, things like Etsy and artist alley booths but I'm sure there are even more places that people use and would love to know about them!

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