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Decided to take on a 30 day animation challenge for practice and for fun. 

I've done four in three days now since it's been so much fun and three of them were to do with walking so I figured I'd upload them by themselves. 

The first day was just to try and get an idea as to how legs move when walking. 
Second was my first ever attempt at traditional animation. 
Third was just to see if I could execute the same thing with something that wasn't human. 

There are only like 5 frames so it doesn't make sense technically speaking but I'm still proud of it. 

The other one I did was just of Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura. He was wiggling his tail and going from an angry face to a happy face. 

When I'm done the thirty days, I'm going to just put them all together in a big gif to upload. 
Lolita by jessieiii
A few days ago I made a post looking for some sites to get lolita dresses at. 
Ending up coming across the perfect dress and now I can't help but find myself sketching how I'd want to look on my wedding day, whilst I wait to get the money to buy it. 

I absolutely adore lolita fashion but only have one dress currently (gothic lolita). 

I cleaned up the face a lot but got really lazy with the dress and everything so it's just a pretty messy sketch. 
1946 - 2016 by jessieiii
1946 - 2016
Made an attempt at a tribute. 

Honestly never would have expected to wake up to the unbelievably sad news of his passing. 

It really is nice to see so many lives this man has touched. 
Anyone know any really good places to buy Lolita dresses? 

I've only ever bought one before and it was from Milanoo. The dress is great but I've heard a lot of horror stories about that company so I'm not too sure if I am wanting to go there again for what it is I'm looking for. 

I'm getting married in October and after careful consideration, I've decided that a lolita dress might actually be the best way for me to go with my wedding dress. 

I wasn't really wanting a plain white dress (was hoping for a lavender dress), wanted it to be nice and poofy with bows and lace, and considering it'll just be a tiny wedding either at a town hall or outside at a park/grandparents back yard a big floor length dress is probably a bad idea. 
Plus, if I get a lolita dress, I can wear it again instead of only ever wearing it once and it'll be a lot more in my price range than a custom dress. 

Anyways, since I'm so new to shopping for lolita, I'd love it if anyone could help me out with where to get these kinds of things from. 

I live in Canada so it'd have to be able to ship there and I'm a pretty big girl so I'd need to have it tailored to my measurements. 
I'll do fan art, original characters, and people from photos. 
Also characters that have animal ears I can do as well. 
Commission Sheet by jessieiii

If interested, just comment on this/the picture, or drop me a note explaining what type of commissions you'd like, how many, and what the art will be of (include references or a detailed description). 

Commissions through Paypal and I'd like payment first due to so many horror stories of people not getting paid in the end. 
Any specific ways you go about making money from your art?

Have a website? Your own store? Booths at conventions or art markets? 

Doesn't matter what kind of art you do and sell, I'm curious to know and I'm sure others are too. 

That being said, I have a Redbubble store and any money I make from my art besides commissions, is from there. Though I do plan on expanding and getting an Etsy store, as well as selling in my area. 

Here is a link to my Redbubble if anyone is curious to check it out:…

If you want to know what kind of things I have on there and are not wanting to click on the shop, here are some examples!
Shop by jessieiii
Time Tattoo by jessieiii
Time Tattoo
One thing I had yet to mention was that I got my first tattoo last year on Canada Day. 

"happiness depends upon ourselves" - Aristotle. 
I got it on my left inner forearm, right by my elbow. 

One thing I'm really looking forward to, is getting more tattoos. 

My next one is going to be, "ultimately, love is everything" - M. Scott Peck.  On my right inner forearm, right by my elbow to match the other. 

And then I'm going to save up for this big baby. 

Took me quite a while to design this one but I plan on getting it as a big tattoo on my thigh. 

It's got bits of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, bits of the Wind Waker, and bits of A Link To The Past (Ages/Seasons). 

What makes it really meaningful to me, is that the time is set to the moment my son was born. 
Do you ever find yourself ending up in spots where it's just hard for you to draw, whether it be due to lack of interest or not being able to come up with something to draw? 

I've been struggling for a year to get myself to draw again. 

Every once in a while I find myself with a brief moment of inspiration and end up drawing or painting something that I feel proud of. 

Like a few weeks ago, I did a watercolour paintings of some exotic birds just for practice. First time getting myself to paint in 4 years and I loved it. 
With drawing I've been sketching more than I have in over a year in just the last two weeks. 
Only problem is that I feel like I'm drawing worse. In some ways I can see improvement but for the most part, it's as if I've forgotten how to draw things I used to do okay at. Anatomy is worse, can't really draw faces like I could, etc. 

I'm trying to get myself to draw, to get out of this hole I've dug myself into over time but the more I try, the more I feel like I'm failing and the more I feel like I'm failing, the less I can get myself to draw and the less I can come up with ideas.  Then I just stop.
Even though deep down, it's what I love doing, It doesn't feel like it used to. 

Ever experience times like this or art block in general?

Have any tips for how to get over it or make things better?
Commission Sheet by jessieiii
Commission Sheet
So, seeing as I have quite a bit of free time on my hands, I decided to open up some cheap bust commissions. 

Will draw original characters, fan art and people from photos. 
The catch is that the style really only suites feminine looking characters. 
Steps by jessieiii
Working on a commission sheet and figured I'd upload one of the images by itself. 

These busts will range from 1-3$. 
So pretty inexpensive. 
Didn't know whether to put this with games or here but, 

What are your favourite Pokemon?

Any particular reason as to why?

My ultimate favourite Pokemon is Phanpy! 
New Year Doodle by jessieiii
New Year Doodle
Figured I'd start the year with some New years pokemon doodles. 

Tried to include the different types of personalities you'd see on new years. 
I posted a few days ago trying to get help with expanding my business and just to get some tips on how things work but one thing that completely slipped my mind is how to go about pricing things. 

With most of the money I make involving art, it's always been through Redbubble so the prices are pre-set and I've never had to worry about it. 

Since I'm so new to it, I really would appreciate some help from someone else who might have a better idea of what something is worth and maybe has some experience with selling things themselves. 

First thing, my parents got me supplies to start transferring my drawings onto shirts and other fabrics (tote bags, throw pillows, etc.) myself and I would like to start selling them around where I live and maybe on a site like ebay or etsy (once I figure out how to use them). 
How would I go about pricing my shirts and other things? 

Another thing I'm hoping to do is start decorating wooden kitchen utensils, wooden boxes, and doing custom signs with pyrography and selling those as well. 
Here is an example of what I'd be selling. 

Pyrography Box by jessieiii

Any way some people can give me an idea as to what they'd sell these things for and if possible, information about what it is like to sell things online?

If anyone does sell things online, anyone know any other good places to sell besides etsy and ebay? 
So, I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place for this but I'm looking at turning art into more of a career, even if just temporarily and I am really in need of some serious advice. 

When I was younger I created this little 'company' called Bumba's Bandanas (named after one of my dogs), which was me trying to sell homemade dog/cat bandanas. I made some really cute bandanas honestly and I almost sold one once, but really I just ended up making some bandanas for my own cats and dogs.  It is something I would like to look further into when I'm able. 

Currently, my only way of making money myself is from my art. I sell tshirts (and other things) with my art on it, on Redbubble. 
Redbubble has been great for me the past few years and I'm finally starting to get a reliable source of income (although very small). As much as I love it, I only make a small percentage from what I sell on the site (a 25$ will give me 5$) and after being on it for years, this month I will have officially made the most money in one month (60$) than I ever have on there (my total amount ever earned is 400$ in 2 years). 

Which is why I'm looking to expand. 

Knowing what I do, for Christmas my parents went out and got me things to kind of work my business from home. Making tshirts and different products with my drawings on them myself. 

The one thing I am having troubles with is figuring out how to go about this. Which is also the problem I had when I was younger when it came to the bandanas. 

How do I market these and go about selling them? Do I place ads on Kijiji, or throw a yard/craft sale? Or do I focus on trying to sell them online (Etsy? Ebay?...)? In which case, I'm not too sure how to go about that either. 

Besides tshirts, I was hoping to start doing pyrography art to sell as well. 
Decorated wooden boxes, wooden kitchen utensils, signs, that kind of thing. 
As well as a few other things like paintings. 

And if it's not too much else to get advice on, doing art commissions as well. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I attempted to take up Fiverr but it didn't work out nearly as well as I had hoped. 

I'm getting married in October and need to try and make as much as I can to actually pay for everything. 
Pyrography Box by jessieiii
Pyrography Box
Decorated a wooden box for my mom for Christmas. 
Burned the design into the top and then painted the rest of the box in my mom's favourite colours (rainbow). 

After I took the picture, I varnished the box and it added a really beautiful shine to the burned areas of the lid. 

Thinking about coming up with a small business for this kind of thing but not sure how to go about it. 
Adoptables by jessieiii
So I was going through some old works of mine and had seen that I tried my hand at adoptables. 

Didn't entirely go well but I did sell a few so I figured it'd be worth a shot trying again. 

I will post better things (photos and serious art projects) when I get a chance so don't think I'm going to be all about the adoptables. 

1$ each. 
Animation Attempts
Although not many and not exactly the best, figured I might as well put together my different attempts at animation. 

The first two are of a type of dancing called "shuffling", the third was going to be my attempt at recreating the "pumpkin dance", the fourth was just a quick sketch to try and see what it would be like to add colour and the last was one I finished a few moments ago for fun. 
Got the idea on that last one due to my son having talked about doing ballet recently. 

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